Product Selection

From projects big or small, we are here to help you every step of the way! Our team will create a tailor-made solution from product selection, sizing, safety, and order placement to ensure your plant is safe and needs are met. We take pride in our service, product selection, and cost-effective solutions, ensuring we're your "One Source" supplier!

Field Surveys

Let our experts in Digester Gas Applications perform a field survey to ensure your plant is safe. We will inspect your system looking for equipment that is not maintained properly, equipment that is misapplied, and areas where equipment is missing. A detailed report is supplied to you with recommendations and "Red Flag" areas highlighted for immediate attention.

Preventative Maintenance & Equipment Training Classes

Our experts can perform classes to ensure your staff understands the importance of the equipment and it's intended purpose. Attendees will learn the recommended preventative maintenance cycle and how to disassemble and perform the necessary maintenance, ensuring that the equipment lasts, and most importantly, keeps your plant safe.


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